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Bringing Contacts into the FMG Suite Dashboard with a CSV File

Bringing Contacts into the FMG Suite Dashboard with a CSV File

February 08, 2017

3 Choices for Bringing Contacts into the Dashboard for FMG Campaigns

  • Integrate with Redtail, "Tailwag version"
  • Upload a CSV File from where ever they keep their contacts. 
  • Manually enter them 1 at a time.

No one likes that last one! It can be very cumbersome to enter hundreds of contacts manually!  So, if our customer does not have a Redtail account, how can they avoid manual entry and what is this CSV File I speak of? 

To create a CSV File, the advisor would export contacts from ConstantContact, Salesforce,or their email account, such as, outlook or gmail, etc.  The exported file would be a CSV download on their computer.  


Locate the file and open it in Excel or Google Sheets to make adjustments to the file in spreadsheet format.  One you have made the final adjustments, download the file from Excel as 'comma delimited' file type. In google sheets in would be downloaded as a CSV, or comma separated value.

In the CSV File example below, you will see the details that we support for each FMG Suite Contact.  Each column represents a field in the contact template you can find in our Dashboard.  Once their CSV File has a First Name, a Last Name and an Email column, they will be ready to import the file to the Contacts area in the Dashboard.

We do require First Name Last Name, and Email.  The rest of the fields are optional depending on the campaigns the customer has active.

***The Groups column is highly recommended for customers using multiple campaigns and firms with multiple advisors.***