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FMG Suite Websites

Start with a great website.

Your website is the beating heart of a great marketing strategy. Our sites are built with SEO and analytics in mind, letting you monitor traffic. A simple dashboard makes editing a cinch, and our responsive designs make you look professional, relevant, and smart… and that’s just the beginning.

You start by selecting one of the three website design services we have available, Express, Concierge or Exclusive.



Want to get your website up and running quickly? We will transfer your old website over to one of our six Express Themes, and you’re off to the races. If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves, Express is a good way to go.



Want a beautiful website with some expert guidance along the way? Work with your own website specialist who will oversee the design process, acting as your personal “concierge.” You’ll have a great design ready for compliance in four weeks or less.



Want a website that’s perfectly tailored to your desires? Choose from our most high-end themes and work with both a specialist and a designer to create the online home of your dreams. Your team will also perform SEO tweaks and get you fully set up for success.

All websites come with...

Mobile Friendly & Responsive

All our websites are mobile-enhanced for fast loading and beautiful display, no matter the size screen.

SSL Security & Encryption

Today you need security more than ever. Not only for clients, but Google ranks your site higher for it!

Marketing Automations

You don't have time to babysit a website, and you should not have to. Let us automate the marketing.

Inbound Marketing Driven

Your website now becomes your essential marketing hub for your complete digital strategy.

Designed For All Client Profiles

From modern to contemporary and everything in between, we create the best model for your success.

Real-Time Data Metrics

Websites integrate with Google Analytics for real-time metrics, along with a dashboard for ease of use tracking.

Diverse Content Libraries

Want to educate your clients about retirement, social security, or estate strategies? We have a wealth of resources.

Express Website Designs - Starting at $499

The Express Design Service is the perfect fit for the advisor looking for the fastest, least expensive way to get a great website up and running.

We Transfer Your Site Over!

We Transfer Your Site Over!

The process is simple. First, a specialist will transfer your old website content onto our platform, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Then, your new look will be set up using one of 6 Express themes.

Right away, you’ll get access to an award-winning content library and simple admin tools.

Next, you’ll receive a walkthrough video to show you the basics of making edits and improvements to your website.

Finally, you’ll be able to update your website anytime you like, adding custom content, swapping colors, and more.

Concierge Website Designs - Starting at $1,299

The Concierge Design Service is the perfect fit for the advisor looking for feedback and Branding and custom images. Your website Coordinator will guide you through the process, add custom images and do the clicking for you. 

We Handle The Hard Work!

We Handle The Hard Work!

Concierge is the perfect solution for the busy professional who wants a beautiful website that draws on our expertise. As part of the setup, you’ll work one-on-one with a “Concierge”; a Website Specialist who will oversee the design of your homepage.

We’ll migrate content from your old website, add images and new design elements to your home page, and incorporate any ideas you may have during the build.

The best part? The process is scheduled to take four weeks from the first meeting to compliance submission.

Customized Areas

Customized Areas

We create multiple sections to provide you a highly designed and unique homepage.

Specialist Assistance

Specialist Assistance

Get all your questions answered over the course of 3 - 4 one-on-one setup calls.

Fast Launch

Fast Launch

Get a beautiful, custom-designed website with no hassle, in just 4 weeks.

Exclusive Website Designs - Starting at $2,499

Our Exclusive Website Design Service is ideal for the advisor who wants a personalized website with the help of an expert to manage the many elements of building a unique design.

Client Centered

Client Centered

With access to 24 exclusive and limited edition website themes, we’ll personalize the theme of your choice to match your brand by editing the colors, photos, and copy of the website on your behalf. From exploring design options to tinkering with colors, your project manager will guide you through the many decisions you’ll make as you build your personalized site.

Beyond helping with the build, we’ll also optimize your website. This includes setting up Google Analytics, doing a quick Search Engine Optimization, and a handful of other optimizations to help save you time. Along with compliance submission, we hold your hand through the entire process from start to finish.

Express Website Features

You receive all the features of our Express Websites, including white glove transfer, mobile-responsive design, and an automatically-updated content library.

Unique Client Experience

With each website visitor, we take notice of what content they browse and recommend similar content to make each visit as personalized as possible.

Your Very Own Team

You will consult and work closely with a project manager and designer to guide you through the entire process, from choosing a theme to aligning the design with your vision.

An SEO Kickstart

We help you get started with your SEO and marketing strategies by setting up your Google Analytics and performing a few search engine optimization best practices.

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